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About Us

Livane International Transport was established in Hopa/Artvin in 2003. Livane offers high quality services in transportation and logistics and outcome-oriented alternative solutions by following the latest developments and technologies within the sector and addressing the changing needs and demands in order to supply fast and dynamic solutions.

Livane executives aim to provide high quality services with the principles of ensuring absolute customer satisfaction, accepting customers as partners and supporting their benefits in every field.

Livane also aims to provide services within international standards by enhancing its quality standards and service networks from its establishment onwards and it offers affordable prices depending on the shipping/destination locations, load and tonnage.

We provide complete and partial international road transportation to particularly Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Russia. We perform our transportation services with our self-owned fleet of 20 vehicles that are completely in line with the Euro 5 or higher European standards.

Livane International Transport plans the transportation of your goods with its distribution network, qualified staff and the modern fleet. It transports the goods to you and to your costumers with suitable vehicles and conditions in the minimum period of time possible. Livane International Transport has the capacity to enlarge its vehicle capacity and services according to your needs and demands.

Who We Are
Livane has been in the transportation sector since 2003. We perform complete road transportation to Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Russia. We have a fleet of 20 trucks and 20 semi-trailers suitable for all kinds of transportation services.

Why Livane Transport?
- Quality, Reliability and Transparency in all processes
- Professionalism
- Wide International Partnership Network
- Self-owned Fleet, Implementing modern technology and technical solutions
- Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015
- The Best Shipment methods suitable for customer needs
- Flexible Pricing Policy

Our Vision
We aim to be a leading, pioneering and reliable international Transportation/Distribution company by constantly and steadily developing.

Our purpose is to provide high quality and costumer oriented services with our qualified, professional and motivated staff by making use of the constantly developing technology and thus become the first choice for our customers by maintaining our development and leadership within the sector.

As the most technological and comprehensive leading corporation of the region, our goal is to provide services above expectation.

Our vision and main goal is to provide fast and reliable services by making the most of modern technology.

Our Mission
We are committed to provide International Transportation/Distribution services by making reliability, creativity, innovation, and technology our core principles with a great respect for our customers, employers, environment and the laws.

We are also committed to perform our duties correctly at the first time, gain our customers’ trust and fidelity with a modern, high quality and a prolific service mentality; thus we aim to be a pioneering company in Turkey.

We aim to lead Logistics, and our main fields; road transportation, warehousing and distribution to a better condition in the future.

Registered Associations and Chambers
- The Union of Chambers and Exchange Commodities of Turkey
- Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association
- Hopa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
- International Transporters Association

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